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NEWS: FITBOOK wanted to know more about Aerial Yoga. They interviewed and filmed Jost Blomeyer in the aerial hammock. The result is a nice video (with piano music) as well as an interesting article about the origins, advantages and effects of this new yoga style:
Why this trend sport is suitable for almost everyone


Read the Aerial Yoga cover story with Jost Blomeyer including interview and photo gallery:
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“An absolutely exciting Teacher Training, which was perfectly organized and designed and yet was carried out in an absolutely pleasant and relaxed way by Jost! Thank you so much.”
Jessica Möbius, Yoga teacher, Brunswick
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Aerial Yoga is a fascinating new type of training with an “aerial silk” acrobatics fabric.

It combines aerial arts with efficient functional sling training and yoga. A unique feature are the inversions known from Hatha Yoga and which can be practised in Aerial Yoga while suspended. It reduces the pressure on the vertebral discs and the back muscles can relax. Apart from the positive effects on the back, the exercises are great fun when swinging and turning. Sling training can be used for strengthening and stretching: one part of the body is in the moving suspended hammock and the other on the ground. This challenging and yet comfortable artistic hammock also invites to some relaxation. Aerial Yoga can be practised at a yoga studio, at home or even outdoors. All you need is an Aerial Hammock and somewhere to attach it to!
Come in and fly out …

Aerial Yoga Flow – Teaser – Jost Blomeyer (3 Min.)
▸ Some exercises with the Aerial Hammock: from simple to challenging!
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